Church Partnership Sign-Up

Church and Ministry Partners share free maximum exposure with God's Family Church during the Summit.​ See below for details.

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1. The names of partnering ministers and ministries/churches will be listed on the Summit          website.

2. Partnering pastors and churches will be introduced and recognized during the Summit.

3. Partnering pastors and ministers will participate in the corporate ministrations during the      Summit.

4. Partners will participate in the all nations worship parade on Friday the 6th of July 2018.  

5. Partner churches/ministries will have an opportunity of hosting a display table for their            churches/ministries during the Summit free of charge.

6. Participate or send a representative to a voluntary planning/prayer meeting at God’s              Family Church, 1708 Wickersham Dr, Anchorage, AK 99507, 10:00 am every Saturday in          June 2018.

7. Help with publicity within their churches, ministries, networks and spheres of influence.

8. Help mobilize volunteers for the Summit.

We would like to thank all of our partners for their partnership and support.  The following is a list of churches and ministries who have partnered to make this Summit a success.

God's Family Church Alaska

PO Box 231568

Anchorage Alaska 99523 

University of Christian Studies and Seminary

10440 Eagle View Drive
Eagle River, Alaska 99577

Dr. Kenneth Friendly

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

629 Hollywood Drive

Anchorage Alaska

Pastor Freddie Abainza

The Word of Life Church



Praise Temple

Way of the Cross Church of Christ International

822 E Loop Road (Government Hill)

Anchorage Alaska

The One Church

Fort Worth, Texas

Help One Help Another Inc.

Inland Worship Center

 San Bernardino, California