Revive Alaska Community Services


  • To foster unity of the Spirit through service. When we serve together, we bond together.

  • To meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of all Alaskans in need and serve as a hub for counseling, comfort, and hope to the hurting in Alaska. 

  • To provide food shelter and clothing to the most vulnerable among us (children, seniors, homeless, less privileged).

  • To partner with other agencies in charitable causes worldwide.

  • To provide an emergency response during disasters.

  • To facilitate racial reconciliation, healing, equality, empowerment for the Black community and all minorities.   

  • To express the love of Christ to our communities as the corporate body of Christ in Alaska.

  • To serve as a clearinghouse for faith-based organizations, and a community resource for spiritual support for all Alaskans. 


Ministry Programs

Help Me Heal Now

A program designed to provide support, counseling, and resources that help individuals with mental issues.  

Alaska Child in 


Program designed to hep children who are facing homelessness by fundraising $50 gift cards.  



A Social justice initiative designed to bridge the racial gap in the public and private sectors. The initiative educates and empowers the BIPOC community to access resources for community development and self-improvement.  

Prayer Rally

Spiritual leaders across the state take lead in praying for Racial Reconciliation and healing of the nation.  

Covid-19 Task Force

Pastors and churches come together to support the government in their efforts to prevent and contain the Coronavirus from esclating.   

Alaska Faith-Based Coalition

A network of Ministries, Ministerial networks and, Agency Partners.  

Revive Alaska Food Pantry 

Helping feed Alaska one person at a time. No one should go hungry in Alaska particularly the working poor, children, and seniors.