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Partner Appreciation

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We, at Revive Alaska Community Services (RACS), would like to invite you as a VIP guest for our 2023 Partner Appreciation Celebration to be held on Sunday, December 17, 2023 at 4pm. The Event will be held at 4317 MacInnes St, Anchorage AK 99508. This event will highlight the milestones that have been achieved through the services offered by Revive Alaska community services and the impact to our community. 


We are excited  to report that Food distribution has increased by 2,000% from 20 people per month to 400 people per month.The weight of food distributed increased from 160 lbs per month to 3,385 lbs per month.


In addition, RACS has made tremendous progress with the construction of the new

South Anchorage Life Center/food pantry. The damaged barn pantry has been torn down and

removed, the site has been prepared, two new driveways have been constructed, the

topographic and geotechnical surveys have been completed, the preliminary and final

building designs have been completed, the site plan and landscaping design have been

completed. The MOA use determination has been completed pending administrative site

plan review and final permitting and we will one step towards breaking ground. 


Revive Alaska Community Services would like to thank you again for your generous heartfelt support of our programs and services. Your support through these years has gone a long  way to ensure that we continue to serve communities across Alaska.


We will also spotlight special contributions by our volunteers and all the many community partners that have contributed to the success of our organization. 

We will be honored by your presence as we celebrate a year of impact to our community.

Please register for Free VIP seating

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