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South Anchorage Food Pantry & Life Center

Food Pantry. Hot Meal Cafeteria. Life Center (Career, Job, Family, Counseling, and Resource Navigation). 

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The South Anchorage Food Pantry serves those in difficult situations particularly our neighbors and co-workers who are struggling to put food on the table, and those who do not qualify for government programs.



Sheri Sleppy

Revive Alaska Food Pantry, has been a blessing to me in so many ways. To be honest, I was very apprehensive when I received an email this past winter about a new food pantry opening up and I was invited to come see what they had to offer.  I almost didn’t because I felt like someone else might need the services more than myself. But after much thought and pray I realized, an older widowed lady trying to make ends meet was enough to go see. The first person I met was Jennifer, I could tell right away that she was genuine and very caring, made me feel comfortable with “sometimes we all need a little help”, and I realized  it’s okay to ask for help. The people at the pantry are very friendly and make you feel very comfortable in what could be a very uncomfortable situation. Very giving, helpful and such gracious souls. I love that they have young people helping in this, I had my own children help at a food pantry many years ago in the summer, and I believe it helped them to give back in some small way. This is my favorite pantry, not just because of the clean, well mannered and giving of food but in finding friendships starting along the way. One thing that has touched my heart greatly, from the first time I came, I came with my daughters dog and everytime I return Jennifer makes a point to ask how the dog is, something simple but has touched my heart. It’s my favorite pantry here in Alaska in more ways than one. I hope people will go check it out and see the uniqueness that it is.


Sheri Sleppy


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