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     Hunger Action Month

  • Thursday, September 1, 2023 9:00 AM 
    Friday, September 30, 2023 10:00 AM

 Take Action 

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Dollar A Day Campaign

Fill the Bus Campaign

On a fixed income but still want to make a difference? Partner with us through our "Dollar A Day Campaign." Support RACS' Food Insecurity Programs by donating $30 monthly or $15 bi-weekly.

Find the RACS handicapped buses parked at various Wal-Marts, Fred Meyers and Costcos around Anchorage. Purchase food and other goods found on our stomp out hunger calendar then bring them to the bus to fill it up! All food donated will go towards filling the Anchorage Food Pantry and be distributed weekly. Check out our website to see which location we are parked next!

 Support a Family of 4

 Support an Individual

This September, RACS needs your help to stomp out hunger in Alaska. For your support of only $120.00, you can help a family of 4 achieve sustainability and look forward to attaining greater independence.

For your support of only $30.00, you can help an Individual who is struggling achieve sustainability and look forward to fulfilling their dreams

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It is common to feel like the issue with hunger is only directed to the homeless and those down and out in our community. While most people struggle silently, the need to support food programs has become imperative now as food prices and expenses for living increase with the rise of inflation. Currently, a middle-class family of four is struggling to have three square meals a day, sometimes making do with one or two. 


Revive Alaska is currently serving the Midtown and South Anchorage communities. We have weekly and monthly food distributions to everyone that is registered in our program or that needs emergency assistance. 


We serve:


  • People who are working but find it difficult to put food on the table and middle-class families who are struggling to make ends meet.

  • We deliver food boxes to homebound disabled seniors.

  • Children experiencing homelessness and their families including anyone that is registered with our food pantry.

  • We offer emergency assistance to individuals and families that are hungry immediately to save lives and deliver hope.

  • We offer food to refugee families i.e. the families that have settled in Alaska from the War in Ukraine. 

  • Relief Packages to the homeless communities in parks and street corners and more…

We are serving the Ukraine refugee Families in Alaska 

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