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Revive Alaska Community Services is partnered with the Food Bank of Alaska to provide TEFAP and CSFP, Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program, and Commodities Supplemental Food Program respectively. 

 anchorage food pantry
Midtown, southside

The Anchorage Food Pantry is located in South and Midtown Anchorage. Serving people who are working class and are struggling with hunger and food insecurity. 

Revive Alaska Community Services is working in collaboration with Alaska School District to supply Fred Meyer gift cards to numerous homeless children and families in need of additional assistance. 

mountain view food pantry

Our neighbors who need food in Mountain View must wait for a mobile food distribution day or travel long distances to line up at food pantries in other parts of the city to get food. RACS is determined to stop this dire situation and make food available to people who need food in Mountain View by establishing a full service food pantry within the neighborhood. 

Our Mission


Our passion is to help provide food for everyone who needs food. Our target niche is those in difficult situations particularly our neighbors and co-workers who are struggling to make ends meet. 

We are here for you. We understand that life has its twists and turns. We know the stress that comes with a sudden loss of a job, the death of the breadwinner, health issues, etc.


We know the shame that comes with not being able to make ends meet or buy enough food for your family. We are here to help and we will protect your privacy as you get back on your feet.  

To register for our General Pantry Program, please follow the button below

To register for the Federal Emergency Food Assistance Program, please follow the button below

Please be advised this program is a federal program

and as such contains income limits

Anchorage Food Pantry
Open Weekly
Wednesdays 11 am-2 pm and
Daily on an emergency appointment

Hot Meal Cafe

In addition to our pantry services, Revive Alaska is launching our hot meal cafe service. Our hot meal cafe will be housed in two locations: at the South Anchorage Life Center and Midtown serving neighbors who work, but find it difficult to put food on the table. It will also service middle-class families in our community that simply are not able to afford three square meals a day.


With high inflation and an increasingly high cost of living, our hot meals are provided to help reduce feeding costs for most families that are struggling to make ends meet. In this way, we are helping to meet the need of housing security, whereby the money patrons save on one hot meal a week can be applied instead towards a monthly utility bill, the cost of rent or other such expenses. The cafe will feature restaurant-style wait service where families can spend quality time together once a week while enjoying a hot quality meal.

now open

4317 MacInnes Street, Anchorage, AK 99508 

csFp Program

Revive Alaska Community Services is partnered with the Food Bank of Alaska to provide food boxes to homebound seniors through the Commodities Supplemental Food Program also known as CSFP, a federal program assisting low-income seniors with supplemental foods at no cost. USDA provides 100% American-grown USDA foods and administrative funds to states to operate CSFP. Clients of this program are senior citizens over 60 years of age and who are at or below 130% of the Federal Poverty Income Guideline. RACS hand delivers these food boxes each month. 


Every donation will go a long way to feeding the hungry


Please sign up to help when needed

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