Revive Alaska Food Pantry


A federal program assisting low-income families with emergency food assistance at no cost. USDA provides 100% American-grown USDA Foods and administrative funds to states to operate TEFAP.

racs south anchorage food pantry

RACS food pantry is the only active food pantry located in the heart of South Anchorage, serving the middle class, and working poor.

Revive Alaska Community Services is working in collaboration with Alaska School District to supply Fred Meyer gift cards to numerous homeless children and families in need of additional assistance. 

racs mountain view food pantry

The hungry in Mountain View must travel long distances to line up at food pantries in other parts of the city to get food. RACS is determined to stop this dire situation and make food available to the hungry in Mountain View by establishing the only full-service food pantry within the neighborhood. 

Our Mission


Our passion is to help provide food for everyone who needs food. Our target niche is those in difficult situations particularly the working poor, and middle class.

We are here for you. We understand that life has its twists and turns. We know the stress that comes with a sudden loss of a job, death of the breadwinner, health issues, etc.


We know the shame that comes with not being able to make ends meet or buy enough food for your family. We are here to help and we will protect your privacy as you get back on your feet.  

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Please be advised this program is a federal program

and as such contains income limits