Revive Alaska Community Services is a faith-based organization that serves as the hands and feet of Jesus in our community by providing for the needs of the less privileged in Alaska. It is a coalition of Christians and like-minded organizations for the purpose of galvanizing believers in Jesus Christ to rally together in one accord with singleness of purpose to pray, engage in community services, and social justice.


Our services include feeding the hungry and clothing the poor, counseling, social justice advocacy, emergency response during disasters, temporary housing, care for abused women, children, and human trafficking victims.  

Revive Alaska Community Services is an offshoot of God’s Family Missionary Movement which has been serving Alaska in various capacities since 2014. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, God’s Family Missionary Movement established the Alaska Faith Leaders COVID-19 Task Force which brought together several faith-based organizations to help mitigate the pandemic.


Subsequently, the need arose for an independent entity from God’s Family Missionary Movement which became Revive Alaska Community Services. RACS was born in response to the need for faith-based organizations and churches across the state of Alaska to have a coalition that will harness the diverse resources within these organizations to serve the community jointly.


Our organization is a multi-faceted nonprofit established to primarily meet all vulnerable Alaskans' physical, spiritual, and emotional needs and serve as a hub for counseling, comfort, and hope for the hurting in Alaska. Our target is to serve the needs of the most vulnerable among us (children, seniors, the working poor, and the less privileged). Our social justice efforts aim to facilitate racial reconciliation, healing, equality, and empowerment for the Black/minority (BIPOC) communities. We also partner with other agencies in charitable causes worldwide and provide emergency responses during disasters. 

Revive Alaska Community Services is BIPOC-led serving the whole community. 



Revive Alaska Community Services executes its mission through various programs. For a snapshot of these programs click here.

RACS is led by a Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and a management team. If you are passionate about our mission and programs please consider volunteering to serve on one of our Board positions.