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Revive Alaska Community Services (RACS) is an organization incorporated in the state of Alaska. Our organization is a multi-faceted nonprofit established to primarily meet all vulnerable Alaskans' physical, spiritual, and emotional needs and serve as a hub for counseling, comfort, and hope for the hurting in Alaska. Our target is to serve the needs of the most vulnerable among us (children, seniors, the working poor, and the less privileged). Our programs include:


  • Food Pantry

RACS food pantry is the only active food pantry located in the heart of South Anchorage, serving the middle class, and working poor. According to Feeding America (2018), there were 30,084 food-insecure people in Anchorage Muni as of 2018, among which were 11,790 children. The Anchorage food insecurity rate was 11.5% among adults, 16.1% among children, and 10% among seniors, whereas the annual food shortage shortfall was $21,500,000. The COVID-19 pandemic badly hit working Anchorage residents, and the middle class began to struggle due to the loss of jobs and businesses. Hence, more hunger among hard-working Anchorage residents and the need for more food distribution. 

Many families that are struggling to make ends meet have found help by getting food from our pantry. We serve about fifty families per week, distributing approximately 1,500 pounds of food monthly to Anchorage residents. This program is open to the public, free of charge, and is advertised through word of mouth, our website, social media, and through announcements and bulletins in local churches. 


  • Transitional Housing Program

RACS offers transitional housing for homeless individuals. The program is designed to benefit those who need assistance finding employment and beginning to live independently againWe plan to identify, borrow, lease, purchase, or repurpose a government surplus property suitable for meeting the needs of this program.  


  • General Charity and Community Services

There are diverse needs in our communities and beyond. Therefore, our organization is committed to mobilizing various churches and ministries in Alaska to express the love of Christ to our communities as the corporate body of Christ in Alaska and beyond.

We aim to serve as a clearinghouse for faith-based organizations and a community resource for spiritual support for all Alaskans. 

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