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Ministry and Church Resiliance 

 What is Thriving Congregations Program/Membership about?

 It is a platform for congregations in Alaska to collaborate and harness their diverse resources for post-COVID 19 mutual support, recovery, thriving and community outreach. 

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Thriving Congregations

Benefits of Joining:

Strengthening Ministries:

This program helps churches recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by helping them practically deepen their relationship with God and adapt their ministries to the demands of their changing social and cultural contexts.


Enhancing Connections:

Through the program, congregations will have the opportunity to connect with one another, and train as part of a larger community of learning. 

By pooling their resources and exchanging ideas, participating churches can enhance their ministries and create a more significant impact in helping people deepen their relationships with God.


Community Outreach:

 The program will enable congregations to combine their efforts and resources for effective community outreach serving as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in their communities.  


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Gain access to a combination of leadership cohorts and seminars in congregations, providing a structured learning format. Foster congregational growth, adaptability, and clarity of mission and values. 

Lets share some of the  advantages for churches in Alaska

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Leadership Cohorts:

Congregational leaders, including pastors, clergy, lay leaders, and key stakeholders come together to participate in the leadership cohorts based on region.


Cohort Formation:

Leaders will collaborate in small groups and engage in a collaborative learning journey throughout the program.


Leadership Conferences:

Stay tuned for both regional and state, biennial and yearly conferences, in destinations that are accessible for village congregations and their leaders, as well as urban and rural settings.

 Gain access to online learning modules that cover relevant topics

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Learning Modules:

  • Congregational growth

  • Cultural adaptation

  • Christian practices, and community engagement.

  •  Mission clarification

  • Apologetics

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Facilitated Discussions: Participate in regular virtual and in-person meetings where cohort members can engage in facilitated discussions, share experiences, learn from one another, and receive guidance from experts in relevant fields.

Resource Sharing: Gain access to relevant resources, case studies, and best practices that can inspire and guide your adaptation efforts.

Sign up and start thriving 

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