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We all need help at one moment or another in our lives.

Contrary to popular belief, becoming homeless is not always related to mental health and/or drug problems. It is more often caused by issues related to losing one's job, not having enough sustainable income, or the deterioration of relationships.

Homeless people need a support network, so they can focus on participating as active citizens who are able to pay for their food, clothing, and housing on their own.



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RACS collaborates with both private and public sectors to provide access points to many services for continuity of care to all homeless Alaskans. Our case managers are trained compassionate counselors, life coaches, systems navigators, and trauma-informed advocates. Our programs provide every client a safe launching pad to transition out of homelessness with tools to succeed and become future sponsors and mentors to others.

The program will last twelve months with the possibility of an extension up to a maximum of eighteen months. Approval of extension will be on a case by case basis as recommended by a caseworker or life skills coach.

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Residents will be required to save most of their income so that when they transition to independent living, they will have the funds needed for a down payment or security deposit on their first home.

This program focuses on coaching, counseling and GED completion, and vocational training. We will connect residents to employment opportunities that will utilize their skill set. This program is offered free of charge and is run by a combination of staff and volunteers.

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We count on your support to help us HELP the homeless who desperately need to get back on their feet and regain their independence

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Meet Our Homeless Entrepreneurs

A Homeless Entrepreneur (HE) is a person who is willing and able to give his or her best, but does not have the network, resources, tools or continual support necessary to improve his or her situation.

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