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Alaska Bridge-The-Gap Initiative 

As part of the celebration of the Black History Month, and in collaboration with the Black Student Union at UAA, we are hosting the “Young Black Leadership Expo.” The focus of the Expo is to educate and empower young black leaders in our community.

About Bridge the Gap Initiative

Given the current national racial tension in our country, Revive Alaska Community Services is stepping up to the plate with the Bridge-the-Gap Initiative to bring racial reconciliation and healing to the state of Alaska. Even though Alaska is highly multicultural, throughout the history of Alaska, there has been a divide between the Alaskan government and minority communities particularly, the African American community. We hope to bridge this gap with an annual dialogue between the government and the leaders of the African American community in our state.

The Bridge-the-Gap Initiative is designed to be an annual luncheon where the incumbent Governor of Alaska and his/her leadership team will interact with the African American leaders. In this luncheon, these leaders will have the opportunity to present the issues affecting the African American community. In turn, the Governor and other government functionaries will showcase any inclusive agenda they have that will strategically empower minorities, particularly African Americans socio-economically. The expected outcome of this annual event will be to move the African American community from being left out of the mainstream of the state, to being at the table of discussion. Subsequent to these annual luncheons, there will be continuous consultations throughout the year with relevant agencies to ensure the implementation of actionable items.

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40 Day Prayer and Fasting for Alaska and Fifth Annual Revive Alaska Prayer Conference
40 Day Prayer and Fasting for Alaska and Fifth Annual Revive Alaska Prayer Conference
Feb 08, 2019, 7:00 PM
Prayer line/Friday Gatherings in churches

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