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Virtual Seminars!!

In a time where knowledge and truth are far apart, we pride ourselves with the ability to have educated and qualified teachers that communicate a series of life changing, life skill development lectures virtually with our zoom meeting platform. We offer practical workshops that coach individuals, groups and families on life skills, leadership development, apologetics, faith, prosperity, doctrinal truths etc. We give everyone the opportunity to receive these teachings through our virtual community platforms. Register for the next seminar for free and experience the power of knowledge and truth.


Virtual counseling 

Are you ready to see your life change? If your answer is yes! Then our personal  virtual counseling meetings will absolutely change your life. Sit down with real people that have the life skills to help pull you out of where you are and provide you with the support you need to begin the process of your healing.

Are you tired of keeping this pain inside? Well, this is your opportunity to let it all hang out! Release your fears, insecurities, and doubts to real people that have the patience and experience to help you heal and recover. We are ready to help start your journey into a fruitful and transformed life.


Virtual Mentor-ship 

Many people walk you out and point you in the right direction but rarely do you experience people that care enough to hold your hand all the way to your destination. Change deals with the unknown and is oftentimes the most scary experience in life. Our team of case workers understand that for some of you it will require a lifetime commitment and relationship. 

Our mentor-ship program is designed to help you  have an accountability partner. We have seen that many people have experienced life changing transformation through our mentoring program and we are very excited to build a lifelong relationship with you. Let us know if you need us to hold your hand and help you create a lifelong relationship that is designed to give you the support you truly deserve.


Virtual support group!

Most addictions, life trauma, abuse etc. are broken when support and accountability structures are put in place. 

We allow you to experience group support meetings virtually that allow you to make contact with people that have similar issues in life. 

Try our small groups and listen to testimonies of people overcoming life changing experiences and strengthen their commitment to get healed and becoming  whole again. 

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