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RACS Food Pantry

RACS food pantry is the only active food pantry located in the heart of South Anchorage, serving the middle class, and working poor. The COVID-19 pandemic badly hit working Anchorage residents, and the middle class began to struggle due to the loss of jobs and businesses.


We serve about fifty families per week, distributing approximately 1,500 pounds of food monthly to Anchorage residents. This program is open to the public, free of charge. We invest 20% of our time and 15% of our expenses to this activity.

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Racial Equality and Reconciliation

The Bridge the Gap (BTG) Initiative creates an interface between the government and private sectors to identify areas of racial inequality, moves to rectify these anomalies, and to empower the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community through capacity development to harness new opportunities.

To achieve this goal, BTG holds an annual RoundTable event with the Governor and subsequent events with the Mayor. Additionally, BIPOC business conference and trainings are conducted quarterly to ensure that the community is continually flourishing.

We believe that racial reconciliation and equality van be attained without rancor or prejudice against any other race. Equality for all is equality for one.

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RACS offers counseling for every aspect of life. Specifically looking into unknown traumas and focusing on recovery, we receive clients through email, website, social media and CV Outreach. 

Most sessions range from 1-2 hours and follow up with practical strategies and develop positive habit building. 

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Prayer for Alaska

Annual prayer and fasting for Alaska takes place the first of January each year and culminates with a 2-day conference at which government officials, dignitaries and other believers come together to pray. 

Coupled with the Anchorage Day of Prayer and the Alaska Day of Prayer in February, prayer is being raised across all of Alaska, for Alaska, specifically for the government.


Health and Wellness

Revive Alaska Community Services offers a wide range of health and wellness programs including COVID prevention strategies, mobile testing sites, and vaccine information. We also address mental, emotional and physical well being, knowing that when one of these systems is out of alignment, it can be catastrophic and risk the livelihood of our community members.


Homeless HELP

The HELP program is a year long, transition based program designed to help those who are homeless down the path towards reintegration into working society.

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RACS specifically looks to support children through as many programs as possible. Specifically RACS supports children within the Alaska school districts who are facing homelessness by providing $50 Fred Meyer gift cards. In addition, we provide winter clothing and arctic rain clothing to assist children whose families might not otherwise be available to provide these items.

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