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Sample Personal Daily Fasting Schedule

     6 am-7 am: Prayer and Fasting Commences

     7 am-8 am: GivingThanks unto God  (for who He is, what He has done in our lives, our family, our                                    churches, our state, and government)    

   9 am-10 am: Praise and Worship (anointed praise and worship/Instrumental music)

   10 am-12 pm: Prayer and Scripture Meditation

    12 pm-2 pm: Scripture Reading (GAP handout and any other passages of scriptures led by the Holy Spirit to read)

     2 pm-3 pm: Intercession (praying for loved ones, the lost, culture, etc.)

     3 pm-4 pm: Supplication (praying for the things of God in our personal lives/breakthroughs, our needs,                            strength to continue through the fast)

     4 pm-5 pm: Meditation and Relaxation (listening for the still small voice of God)

     5 pm-6 pm: Giving thanks unto God for answered prayers

 6 pm-6:30 pm: Everyone calls into the Zoom Prayer line to close out the fasting day.


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