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"Dealing with depression, anxiety, and low-esteem, my life came to a halt in my early adulthood. I desired to move forward and live a successful and productive life but I was stuck. After I came to this ministry, I experienced transformation and freedom in every aspect of my life. God can heal, restore, and redeem any life, if you let Him." - Jaymee Wheeler

"This ministry is a  place where people care enough to help us get it right.  During this training I have revisited my destiny and the calling on my life and I am happy to say that I am walking towards that destiny day by day.  I have found a deeper relationship with the Lord that is bringing fulfillment and joy.  Not only that , this ministry is where you can get back to the Cross, where you can be trained in God's ways, and practically come under accountability and discipleship.  This Ministry  has taken me by the hand and led me out of a pit and I thank God for this encounter in my life." - Larry Wanous 


"I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without this ministry. It definitely made me face a lot of things I had buried for years and didn’t want to confront. My relationship with Jesus is still growing, and it’s tough some days, but I have no doubt in my mind that God exists and has my back. Not knowing my identity was the thing that had me trapped for years. It led me into a dark depression full of suicidal thoughts and struggles with my sexuality. From porn addiction to feelings of hopelessness, I honestly was on the edge. But through all that, God met me where I was and pulled me out"~ Destiny Woko    Student

“You can get to a point in life where your dreams die and your hope has dwindled. That was me, broken, in pain, and merely existing. But like the woman at the well, through this ministry God met me at the point of my need and has fulfilled my dreams in more ways than I could imagine. May you experience the same healing and joy God has given me as He restores your dreams and makes you whole again!”

-Angela Nwankudu

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 "I went through multiple deliverance sessions, countless healings, restoration of a broken heart, deliverance from offenses and arrogance, miracles after miracles, and so much more.  I received countless impartations of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, I learned to starve the religious spirit, cast out demons, pray more passionately, receive more content and revelation, practice the gift of healing, ministry training through discipleship, and evangelism.  Through the teachings, training, and mentoring ,  I am developing to be a warrior for the kingdom of God and a minister of the Gospel." - Valicia Collins

"This Ministry has been a safe place for me after coming out of a treacherous season of my life. It has given me the opportunity  to rebuild my faith and life as well as get a greater understanding of God’s word. The  Mentor-ship Program has stretched me to do my best, go deeper in God, and become the greatest version of myself. This is truly a place to develop your faith and mature in the things of God."-Lashantell Ugo Nwanju

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