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How does Veteran foster care work?

Some Veterans that need minor home care and do not any family near are placed in a home-like environment which means a house with shared living and dining areas in which help is provided to a very few number of individuals. 

Our foster care services is usually synonymous with adult family care and adult family living.

Some of the major services and care provided will include:

  • bathing

  • eating

  • transferring and mobility

  • recreation

  • housekeeping

  • laundry

  • transportation

  • any other special needs

Why is this care important : 

For aging veteran seniors or those suffering from illnesses that affect their memory this care will give them the support the need to make sure that their health needs are monitored by the caring staff and that the have a home environment that allows them to improve and enjoy a better quality of life. if you need more information about this service please click below

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