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Comfort Homes

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Comfort Homes Villas Housing Project



•13.12% of Alaska’s adult population are veterans of the U.S. Military

•29.72% of the above are veterans 65 years and older

•240 Homeless veterans in Alaska according to VA’s last count

•Veterans 50% more likely to become homeless due to:


–Lack of support networks

–Dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing


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Revive Alaska Community Services is constructing a 40-unit Comfort Homes Villas facility for housing seniors and veterans who are on fixed incomes and are finding it harder to make ends meet given the rising inflation. These veterans are people who have served the nation the best they could in their prime but need our help now. 

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Comfort Homes Villas will include: 

Hot Meals 

On site kitchen with weekly  hot meals available to  residents.

Food Pantry 

On site food pantry available  to residents in need with  regular weekly distribution  times as well as available on  an emergency basis. This  program will supplement the  resident’s grocery bill.

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 The Veterans Family Recreation Center:  

Comfort Homes residents will have access to an on-site community  and resource center complete with a business suite, gym/exercise  area, and common living space. 

Comfort Homes Villas will Include: 

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Accessible-transport buses:

We have also acquired two accessible-transport buses to help our  disabled residents get to important places of need. The  recreation center will provide an outlet for recreation and a place  for veterans and their families to get away and participate in  activities that are family-oriented, therapeutic, and relaxing.

Comfort Homes Villas will Include: 

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