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Comfort Homes

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Help us House Seniors and Veterans 

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 Revive Alaska Community Services is constructing a 28-unit Comfort Homes facility for housing seniors and veterans who are on fixed incomes and are finding it harder to make ends meet given the rising inflation.

 Although many of the residents of Comfort Homes will technically be classified as homeless, they are not the typical homeless you see on the streets every day. Most of them are normal citizens who have inadequate fixed incomes. Many of them will have families, own their personal vehicles, and may maintain a job.


Veterans and seniors are people who have served the nation the best they could in their prime but need our help now. 


All prospective residents and their families will be properly screened to qualify. The screening process will involve HUD, VA, AHFC, and other agencies. The complex will be drug-free, and the residents will abide by community and neighborhood rules. Violators will be evicted from housing upon investigation and proof.




RACS is committed to completing this project. However, it is both unfortunate and disheartening that our proposed project has been misrepresented, villainized, and has degenerated to some Independence Park residents resorting to personal and corporate attacks on our persons in private and in public, particularly on social media.


Revive Alaska Community Services volunteers, staff, and board, as well as the Comfort Homes project and its future residents, do not deserve all the negative attacks we have been receiving. Therefore, RACS has decided to stop the project on Independence Drive. We will move the TBKs to another location. RACS hereby requests that all harassment, threats, negative reviews, character defamation, and opposition to our services to the community cease henceforth for the sake of good neighborliness and peace in our community. 

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What do you do with my donor information?

We treat your donor information seriously. Your information will be stored in our secure database where only the staff and board of our organization has access to it. We will only use your information as data for future correspondence and prospective giving purposes. 


What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?

For this particular campaign, 100% of your donations will go towards helping to build out the units for the homeless seniors and support a homeless individual or family.


How can I make an in-kind donation?

At this phase of the campaign, we are only currently accepting in-kind pro-bono services to help with assisting in the areas of construction, engineering, landscaping, and marketing. If you are interested in donating items for the housing units once the units are up, please contact us at with the subject line “In-Kind Donation Item,” and share with us the items you would like to donate.


How secure is your online donation form?

Our database has end-to-end data encryption with TLS 1.2 protocol. It stores and processes your information with a 128-bit data encrypted PCI compliant payment gateway


How do I volunteer for your cause?

There are many areas you can serve as a volunteer, because of this we would like to know what skills or gifts you have that you would like to share with us. Please email us at to get started if you are interested in volunteering. 


I represent a corporation, how can I help your organization?

First, we appreciate your interest in partnering with us. There are many ways you can help as a corporation. Please see below:

  • General Corporate Donation: You can give either monthly or one time. Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities 

  • In-Kind: Donate your services to help us build out our campaigns.

  • Group volunteering: Encourage employee engagement.


Can I give via installments?

Yes, you can learn more about signing with installment payments .


Can I give directly to an individual/family? 

Yes any amount will help, plus we have sponsorship available. Adopt space for one child: $500, adopt a bed for one adult: $1K, adopt one unit for a family: $5K, adopt two units for two families: $10K, adopt one building for four families: $20K

If you are interested in Comfort Homes Housing, please complete the application to be added to the wait list.

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