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Bridging the Racial Gap

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Racial Reconciliation and Healing

Given the history of racism in our culture, we need to intentionally work towards confession, forgiveness, racial reconciliation, healing, and equality.


Open Discussions

Speaking the truth in love. Open and continuous discussions to address racism as the evil that it is in history and present social milieu is important to create awareness and make it unfashionable to practice racism.


Safe Spaces for Expression

Safe Spaces where those who have experienced racism can express themselves, grieve, vent anger to listening ears and be heard.


Forgiveness and Healing

Forgiveness is the first step to healing. Unfortunately, many African Americans and Alaska Natives have harbored bitterness for a long time due to the trauma inflicted on them by racism. 

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We need divine intervention to stop racism. Racism is a sin of the heart that needs to be rooted out supernaturally. We need God's help to change our mindset across racial lines. We need healing from the trauma of racism. We need God in our communities.


Bridge the Gap Roundtable

All talk and no action achieves nothing. Moving beyond protests to pragmatic engagement with public and private sectors to bridge the racial gap.


Empower the Minorities

Capacity building to prepare African Americans and Alaska Natives for opportunities created by bridging the gap.


  1. To bring like minded people together to brainstorm and proffer positive, healthy ways to facilitate racial reconciliation and equality in Alaska.

  2. Provide safe places for listening to stories, dialogue, grieving, healing and comfort.

  3. Create bridges for victims of racism and prejudice to catch up in education, business, career and housing.

  4. Mentor BIPOC youth towards sustainable integration and excellence in corporate America.

  5. Empower the BIPOC community through capacity building, career development, business entrepreneurship, networking and access to capital.

  6. Provide an inclusivist alternative to social justice in a predominantly exclusivist milieu. 

  7. Help the public and private sectors implement actionable items to ensure equal opportunities and an equal treatment of all races. 

  8. Pray for racial reconciliation, forgiveness, healing and equality in Alaska.  

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