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Emergency Housing and Homeless Services

We help provide more than just a home for the homeless. We provide HOPE and offer a PATH to a promising future as active citizens. Our target niche is the 10% of homeless people who are willing to quit addiction and overcome whatever circumstances drove them to the streets. 

In Partnership with YOU the Homed and Compassionate!  

You can make a difference by donating to our housing and rehabilitation program for the homeless.




Helping the homeless to start a better life.

The RACS homeless program is driven by empathy and compassion. Homelessness is most often caused by issues related to losing one's job, not having enough sustainable income, or the deterioration of relationships. Together, we can help reduce the extreme hardship of not having a roof over one’s head for many homeless people in Alaska.

Although RACS seeks to help all homeless individuals, our niche is the group who are strongly motivated to return to active independent functionality. These homeless neighbors need a support network that will help them bounce back into participating as active citizens who are able to pay for their food, clothing, and housing on their own.

What Our Clients are Saying



Julia Walunga

I am forever grateful to Revive Alaska Community Services. They came to my aid when I was at the lowest point in my life on the verge of committing suicide. They took me in, counseled me, prayed for me, and rented an apartment on my behalf when I could not qualify. They helped me get my children back, go back to school, get my driver's license back, and get a job. After three years, I now qualify for my own apartment, and I am about to finish my degree.

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